Gretel stands five feet five inches tall. She has blue eyes, but has died her blonde hair jet black. She generally wears comfortable, casual clothing, and always carries her trusty—almost beloved—Kalashnikov with her everywhere.

Str 14 +2 (17 +3)
Dex 16 +3 (19 +4)
Con 16 +3 (19 +4)
Int 18 +4 (21 +5)
Wis 16 +3 (19 +4)
Cha 12 +1 (15 +2)

Toughness +8 or +10 (Different #’s based on which boost is active)
Fortitude +8 or +10 (Each save has +4 base, +3 ability, +1 or +3 misc)
Reflex +8 or +10 (For more info see powers: Boost)
Will +8 or +10

Attack +10
Defense +10

Diplomacy +5
Bluff +5
Intimidate +5
Sense Motive +5
Notice +15
Survival +7
Swim +6
Drive +11
Pilot +11
Climb +7

Improved Grapple
Improved Pin
Precise Shot
Die Hard

Boost (All Saves) Rank 3
3/rank + Duration: Continuous + Area: Burst
Alternate Boost (All Ability Scores) Rank 3
3/rank + Duration: Continuous + Area: Burst

Device (Easy To Lose) AK 47 “Hansel” Rank 6
Blast Rank 10 [Bullet Descriptor]
…Linked With…
Drain (Strength) Rank 10-Ranged

Flight Rank 5
~250 mph
Affects Others

Super Senses

Protection Rank 4

Immunity: Aging


Her childhood story is usually told with a bit of a “Hollywood ending.” In truth her brother ended up dead before she figure out how to trick the witch. Beyond that, seeing her own brother cooked alive and then murdering a woman all at the age of 10 had some serious effects on Gretel’s psychological development. One such effect has resulted in her having a bit of a knee-jerk reaction to witches.

A few years after the initial incident—after Gretel had spent an inordinate amount of time trying to hunt down witches and kill them with her bare hands—her fairy god mother came to her with a gift, hoping that it would help keep Gretel alive. Unfortunately, something about the pointy fairy hat made Gretel fly into a rage and attack her fairy god mother.
It was all the little fairy could do to cast a spell over Gretel to put her to sleep. Deciding it wouldn’t be wise to stick around, Gretel’s fairy god mother left the magical Kalashnikov-47 next to her sleeping ward and departed. While she was asleep Gretel dreamed vividly that her brother had returned to her. She ran towards him, overcome with joy, only to wake just before she embraced him.
Bursting into tears Gretel began thrashing on the ground until she bumped into the gun. Seeing it she realized that her brother had simply come to visit her in a dream to show her that he was still watching out for her, and that this gun was his way of helping out. She has subsequently called the gun “Hansel” and occasionally can be found trying to chat with her brother through it.


FABLE Ghandi